Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics

This is the venue for the rhythmic gymnastics competition in JAPAN.

In Japan like this, there are two mats.
Blue mat is a mat for men with springs.
In Japan, male and female rhythmic gymnastics will be done together.


Do you know that not only women but also men have rhythmic gymnastics?

This is a sports made for men, with contents and rules different from women.

It started in Japan in the 1940s.

What is it like?

First of all, please watch a movie.

Let's see the group performance of Aomori University who won the All Japan College Championship in 2016.

(You can see it on You Tube by clicking the You Tube icon in the video)


Men's rhythmic gymnastics have "single" and "group".

This is a group performance by six men at a competition.

It is necessary to perform

several times of tumbling, flexibility elements, balance and handstand

in 3 minutes.

And the accurate, synchronicity and beautiful basic movement is important.



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Men's rhythmic gymnastics Мужская художественная гимнастика Gymnastique rythmique masculine Ginástica rítmica masculina Ginnastica ritmica maschile Gimnasia rítmica masculina Miesten rytminen voimistelu الجمباز الإيقاعي للرجال Meeste rütmiline võimlemine Heren ritmische gymnastiek Muška ritmička gimnastika Mäns rytmiska gymnastik ยิมนาสติกลีลาของผู้ชาย Pánská rytmická gymnastika Mænds rytmiske gymnastik Männer rhythmische Gymnastik Erkekler ritmik jimnastiği Menns rytmiske gymnastikk पुरुषों की लयबद्ध जिमनास्टिक Мъжка ритмична гимнастика Thể dục nhịp điệu nam Gimnastyka rytmiczna mężczyzn Эрэгтэй хэмнэлтэй гимнастик Gimnastica ritmică pentru bărbați 남성 리듬 체조 男子韵律体操 男子韻律體操